Our Guarantee

12 Steps to Guarantee Your Satisfaction

  1. Free Initial Enquiry

    At Kit Kitchens, we provide a free initial enquiry to discuss your requirements and plans for your dream kitchen.   Just forward your plans or room dimensions to us and we can design and quote your kitchen for you.

  2. Initial Consultation

    Our kitchen consultant will go through your special needs, objectives, budgets & design preferences including colours, styles, and layouts for your new kitchen.

  3. Kitchen Design

    You will be able to see your kitchen on our state of the art 3D CAD. Our designer will use their expertise to create a beautiful, functional kitchen that incorporates all of your individual requirements.

  4. Approval Of Your Design

    We invite you to come in and view your 3D kitchen design, you may realise that you would like to alter certain parts. Let us know what changes you would like to make and we will change it. This assures that the kitchen will be just as you imagined.

  5. Kitchen Quotation

    Once you are happy with the design of your new kitchen, we will provide you with a formal quote and will ensure that we go through the quote with you step by step.

    We strive and pride ourselves on being as clear and specific as possible with our presentation to you so as to provide you with a firm, accurate and informative quotation free of any conflict and ambiguity.

    Whilst you will note it is our policy to offer "Fixed Costs wherever possible, in some cases we may incorporate a Provisional Allowance or Prime Cost item in your quotation.  The prime cost may relate to tile selection, sink, tap, rangehood & other selections upon which you may select a style slightly dearer or cheaper than that which has been allowed.

    Our quotations are valid for 120 days provided you lodge your acceptance deposit fee with Kitchen Gallery within 30 days.

    Your quotation price will not vary, provided a contract for the work has been signed during the currency period of the quotation.

  6. Colour & Appliance Selections

    To ensure your kitchen is built perfectly it is imperative that colour and appliance selections have been made prior to signing off the design of the kitchen to allow a trouble free construction and planning process. 

  7. Contract Sign-off

    Once you have approved the design and quote for your new kitchen, a contract will be drawn up that will show all of the inclusions and exclusions combined with a drawing of your new kitchen.  As set out in our contract agreement, a deposit will need to be supplied once the signing of the contract has been completed.

  8. Final Checking Of Your Kitchen

    Once the contract for your new kitchen has been signed and the details of the appliances have been supplied, Kit Kitchens will then make sure all the appliances fit perfectly, then proceed to order the materials and accessories required to manufacture your kitchen. Your Kitchen then enters the workshop to be started.

  9. Manufacture of your Kitchen

    Kit Kitchen’s craftsmen will start to carefully construct your kitchen in our workshop as soon as all materials are available.  One of our tradesmen will work on your kitchen from start to finish ensuring your kitchen is made to the highest quality possible.

  10. Your inspection of your kitchen within our workshop

    Once your kitchen is made, you are welcome to come into the workshop to inspect the final product before you receive it.