Less is More: How to Master a Minimalistic Kitchen

Minimalistic Kitchen

For certain rooms in the home, and especially the kitchen, often less is more. There are so many advantages to a minimalistic kitchen – it’s practical and functional, easier to maintain, makes cooking more efficient and is aesthetically appealing.

Kitchen trends for 2024

Kitchen Trends for 2024

Explore the top kitchen trends for 2024 and share our kitchen design ideas on how you can ensure you stay on trend in the heart of the home.

The ‘kitchen office’ hybrid space

Working from home has never been easier or more accessible, and the trend is spreading across workplaces. Not everyone has the space for a dedicated office, and some would prefer to keep their work right in the heart of their home. That’s what makes a kitchen office such a great solution. Utilise the space you have with a well-designed multipurpose room that has loads of benefits (including great access to the coffee!). Here are our tips on how to design the perfect kitchen office.

Advantages of a custom kitchen

Custom made just works better, and your home deserves the best. There are so many advantages to choosing a custom-made kitchen. As experienced designers and builders of custom kitchens, here are our top reasons to choose custom made.

Outdoor Kitchens in Australia

Cooking outdoors is a part of Aussie culture. With an excellent outdoor kitchen, you can get outside and celebrate glorious weather, great food, and good company. The perfect outdoor kitchen will increase the value, area, and liveability of your home, allowing you to create amazing meals and enjoy the best of what Australia has to offer.

Engineered Stone Vs Natural Stone

Stone in your kitchen adds a touch of beauty that is also a practical choice for your workspaces. Hard, durable, and unique – stone benchtops are a fantastic option for surfaces. But should you choose natural stone or engineered stone? While both have advantages, it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks to each.

Creating Zones in the Kitchen

Creating zones in your kitchen allows you to organise your area and maximise your efficiency. The idea is to group categories of similar objects in the same location, and then ensure those zones work well together as you use your kitchen.

Unique Kitchen Decorating TipsAdd Personality to Your Kitchen

Unique Kitchen Decorating Tips – Add Personality to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle, the rest of your house – and your personality! It’s not difficult to design and decorate a kitchen that complements your personal style and your home. Whether it’s installing major fixtures or adding some stylish sculptures, make your kitchen your own with updated decorations that showcase your aesthetic. There […]

Top Kitchen Styling Tips

Top Kitchen Styling Tips Having a beautiful, functional kitchen installed is the first important step. What comes next is how you choose to style your space. While a kitchen should be beautiful and reflect your personal style throughout, it’s primarily a functional space. Good kitchen styling combines a personalised aesthetic that incorporates how you use […]

Investment Property Kitchen

Designing an Investment Property Kitchen Are you designing an investment property kitchen? It can be tricky to accommodate unknown future tenants, while choosing aspects like design, function, and durability. A quality kitchen is a fantastic selling point for your property, attracting a wider range of tenants and showing your home off to its best advantage. […]

Modern Kitchen Trends for 2023

Modern kitchen trends are all about creating breathtaking spaces that personalise the heart of your home. Bring in the new year with a trendy, up-to-date kitchen! There are bold new styles making their way to the forefront of kitchen design. Keep your eye out for these latest modern kitchen trends – here are some of […]

Creating Colourful Kitchens | Kit Kitchens

How to introduce colour into your kitchen Creating a Colourful Kitchen The kitchen is a place for creativity of all kinds, so you don’t need to be afraid to add a little colour. Choosing the right colours can have a big impact on the feel of your room and how it blends in with the […]