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Kitchen Cabinets – Trendsetters

Among the many rooms in a house, the most renovated place is the kitchen. For most homeowners, the kitchen represents the spirit of the owners, especially with the equipments and the many paraphernalia that populate the room, the most prominent, naturally is the kitchen cabinets Brisbane.

The every-changing fashion of these cabinets have followed trends through the years and owners (and experts) are the first to sport the changes all for the fulfillment of the owner and earning the first bragging rights on the new in vogue furniture.

Today’s look

Currently, the stark white kitchens of old are now slowly replaced by the new mix of colors that define today’s current trends, most especially expressed in the colors of the cabinets and cupboards, the benches, even the chairs.

According to experts, a two-toned kitchen is a really easy way to catch interest. The look may have been around for years, but it looks like it is here to stay. The game is playing with different color variations, usually in the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen.

An iteration of the look comes up including the darker color for the lower cabinet parts and a lighter shade for shelves that are higher. However, there are no set rules for which color combinations or design elements work best.

Two-tone test

Testing out the two-toned kitchen cabinets Brisbane is actually to contrast the white overhead cabinets with black cabinets beneath the countertop.  The kitchen appears to be highly designed when using a white subway tile backsplash and a statement making patterned tile.

The opinion is that whether the space is big or small, a two-toned effect adds instant drama to any well-designed space. Owners are advised not to be intimidated by mixing the disparate color elements with the contrast of the brown wooden door and table to provide the kitchen a variation of colors and textures. For a subtle distinction in color, pair white cabinets with a cool blue hue.

Future changes

Variables like tile and appliances may change in the future, but the cabinetry tends to stick around for a bit longer. This early then, you may pick out a combo that you can live by through the years.

You can have gold handles to connect white cabinets to complementary light green cabinetry beneath a white marble counter. The subtle green of the lower cabinets is a choice that could easily adapt to other changing design features.


There could also be color-blocking one wall of cabinets from another instead of contrasting upper and lower cabinetry or a play with varying shades of the same color.

You could trade in restrained colors schemes like white on white for bold contrasts of black and gray, variation on green and blue, and a combination of tan and white. The trend can easily be implemented into any good design or style.

For something edgy, designers have shaken it up by mixing traditional wood cabinets with a colorful kitchen island. The two-toned kitchen seamlessly incorporates white cabinets with wooden elements.

Kitchen cabinets are setting the trend in color combination.

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