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Kitchen Design Choices

Brisbane flat pack kitchens are typical flat pack kitchens that are taking the fancy of many homeowners furnishing their new homes. Basically, these are modular kitchens supplied in a box and ready for you to put together and install yourself (or by a professional).

The modular style of the cabinetry alone makes it easy to put together and install to create your ideal kitchen space. Aside from the cabinets, you can move on to get your accessories, doors, panels and bench tops.

The best part of the package is you get to choose the looks that you want for your kitchen and the personal style that fits you. The bonus part is that most are all allocated to fit your modest budgets. These lower-cost Brisbane flat pack kitchens can look chic with styling and the cabinetry in each is under $5,000.

The following are some of the top choices.


Softly sophisticated

The classic shaker-style doors look timeless and can work beautifully with shades of gray. Select white doors can be painted in elegant colors.

The door handles can have a luxurious effect. It can be finished off with wooden bench top and Scandinavian-inspired furniture for a warm-looking, welcoming kitchen.


Moderate monochrome

Raw finishes categorized this design from ebonized timber-look cabinetry to the white marble. There is good storage because function reigns supreme in the design.

There are matching brass accents to increase the glam factor and create a cohesive look. The Matte black wood-grain cabinetry forms the base of this look.


Clean copper

The cupboards get a copper-colored splash-back to add earthiness to the texture. This is a makeover, a masculine alternative from the traditional white tile treatment.

Standard cabinetry paired with a white counter top means having fun with the features and the accessories. Wooden handles add warmth to the look. The inky blue accessories make for the modern touch.


Scandinavian chic

Feature the simple palette of warm whites, pale wood and greenery make for that “Scandinavian farmhouse” look. The white paneling is repeated on the cabinetry.

This goes to the wall to bring a modern, rustic feel and the round dining table and spindle-back chairs add a homely charm to the ensemble. Pale blue accessories and fresh green plants are the finishers.

Cool cork

This is a big way for the comeback of the cork, especially on a hard-wearing, practical choice for flooring and in the warm look in lighting and accessories.

Cork mixes well with other materials – timber, leather, bench tops and furniture. The clean linear cabinetry balances the curviness of the Scandinavian style. The greenery hints will unify the total look.


Mint condition

Setting the tone of the space is a band of colored cabinetry, with the cool mint hue echoed in the accessories. All the others are kept light and fresh to create a stylish kitchen with a retro vibe.

Plain white base cabinetry can transform the room, together with the white laminate bench tops done with a practical budget. Raise the look with brass handles and, pendant, and accessories.

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