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Among the most commonly renovated spaces in a home is the kitchen. It is, unfortunately, also the most expensive. For the homeowner, it is important to consider all the options first before making decisions to work on what you want and what’s best.

Among the many kitchen ideas that need attention is the question of the best color scheme you want for your kitchen.

Thematic color

Deciding on a design where colors and textures go together from the floor to the ceiling can be challenging. Some people try to simplify the design process by choosing an all-white kitchen. After all, nearly all materials these days come in white and white appliances are back in vogue again.

However, if you are undecided as yet on what color fits your style it might interest you to know that white brings in a clean and fresh aesthetic. (Warmer colors like red, for instance, stimulate appetite in your kitchen).

Here are some interesting notions for your kitchen ideas renovation.



On average, cabinets can take up to one-third of the renovation budgets. These are high-impact elements of design and have the big potential in really anchoring the whole space. Replacing your cabinets altogether can bring in large return on investment, but it can also be very expensive.

There are, naturally, other effective ways of revamping your cabinets. You can add the proper lighting, bring in a new hardware or simply put on a fresh coat of paint. You can have them refaced as well  for a budget-friendly way of putting in new life to the old cabinetry.



In considering different materials for your floor, answer a couple of questions: Does your space get a lot of traffic? Is your budget tight? Here are some basic thoughts on them.

Hardwood floors provide a classic look, although it can be replicated by cheaper laminates. Consider the pros and cons on this (laminates versus hardwood) since the main advantage of laminates is being 50% cheaper.

Materials like cork and bamboo, among others, are also economically-friendly flooring ideas. They are good green designs as well.



There are also many factors (look, feel, cost and maintenance) to consider when choosing kitchen ideas countertop. Likewise, there are also several materials to choose from: granite, marble, glass, steel, and engineered quartz.

Tile can also serve other different places – back splash to the floor to the counter. Suppliers usually have primers on them (from classic to obscure) and they have samples for the homeowner to choose from.



Having an island in your kitchen renovation is a huge benefit in securing resale value. 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and 50% of them consider it a must-have item.

Some of the advantages of having a kitchen island are getting extra seating and food prep area as well as additional storage space.

Allow at least 36 to 48 inches between the perimeter of the island and the surrounding cabinets. You need the room for people to move around.

Don’t forget backsplashes connecting the countertops with the cabinets to make two elements of your design go together. (It also protects your walls from the cooking and the dishwashing.)

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