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How to Pull Off the White Kitchen Trend

How to Pull Off the White Kitchen Trend

There are many things we associate with the colour white – classic, elegant, clean, fresh, inviting, versatile – the list goes on. So, it’s no wonder why the white kitchen trend has long been popular in Australian homes. Unlike many home interior and kitchen design trends that come and go, the white kitchen has stood the test of time thanks to its simplicity and timeless allure. In this blog, we give you our expert tips on how to pull off the white kitchen trend in your home.

Choose the right white

White isn’t just a single colour – it’s an entire colour palette! There are so many shades of white available on the market, and it’s important you pick the right shade for your space. The starting point is to choose a white paint for the walls. The tip here is to base your shade of white paint on the room’s natural “light temperature”. For kitchens that receive cool light (those with little natural daylight or those that face east or north), it’s recommended that you pick warmer white, ideally with a touch of yellow in it. Kitchens that are flooded with natural sunlight should go for a cooler tone of white. By choosing a white that aligns with your room’s light temperature, you will ensure that it always steers more on the side of white rather than cream.

Match your whites carefully

Once you’ve determined your kitchen’s light temperature and chosen a shade of white for the walls, you can then move on to matching other elements of the kitchen accordingly. To fully embrace the white kitchen design trend, the majority of your kitchen (particularly cabinetry and furniture) should be white. However, to ensure it still has a fresh feel and isn’t overpowered by white, you need to balance the white by pairing it with natural materials and textures that add warmth and interest. This is a good time to lean into your home’s period and existing architecture. For a period home, the white can be effectively balanced with classic wooden, stone or terracotta floors and benchtops. For more modern homes, enhance the white space by incorporating taps, handles, and knobs in shades of copper, brass or gold.

Showcase key design elements

One of the great things about the neutrality of white is that it allows other elements to really pop. It’s possible to have the timeless and clean look of a white kitchen, but still add a touch of personality and creativity by adding a few statement pieces. This could be anything from bold coloured appliances, to a uniquely textured benchtop, to a patterned tiled splashback.

Complement the white space with natural light

A key reason for the white kitchen trend is its ability to make any space feel larger and brighter. This is because white reflects light, which creates the illusion of spaciousness. You should use as much natural light as possible in your white kitchen to do it justice. Try to avoid covering any windows with blinds or curtains – their light is invaluable. If your kitchen has limited light due to its position in the home, consider installing a skylight for added soft and natural light.

Invest in quality cleaning products

There’s no point in spending the time and effort in creating a white kitchen if you don’t use the cleaning products it needs to maintain the look. White surfaces showcase cleanliness and hygiene, making it easier to spot spills or stains. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it means you will often notice any marks early enough to catch and clean them before any long-term damage is caused. What is important is that you use the right products for the right surfaces to ensure that they remain in pristine condition.

Design your white kitchen with Kit Kitchen

The white kitchen trend isn’t just short-term fad – they’re a future-poof investment for your home. As design preferences change and evolve, a white kitchen can easily be adapted to new trends, colour palettes, styles and personalities.

At Kit Kitchens, we have decades of experience in creating white kitchens that exude quality, elegance, and style. If you’re after the perfect blend of style and functionality in the heart of your home, contact the team at Kit Kitchens to discuss how you can incorporate the white kitchen design trend in your home.

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