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Using Mixed Materials in a Kitchen

The kitchen is a place for creativity – not just in the food you cook, but also in the design of the space. An innovative way to create a unique kitchen that shows off your personal style is through the use of mixed materials. The good news is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing materials in the kitchen. However, with so many material options and combinations available, it can be overwhelming getting started.

Check out our tips on how to achieve an effective mixed materials kitchen in your home.

Keep it natural

There’s a fine line between clever mixing of materials and a chaotic kitchen. To ensure there is harmony between your materials, choose a primary natural material like timber, honed stone or cork that sets the tone for the space. You can then build your palette around the natural element as you dive into more exciting material options for your unique kitchen design.

Combine different eras

If you live in a modern home but want to inject some quintessential ambience, or your period property could benefit from a contemporary facelift, then the mixed materials trend is your answer. Typically, a mixed materials kitchen incorporates a considered combination of traditional, older-fashioned materials with more modern materials. The cabinets are a great example of this, where you can combine natural wood cabinet doors with sleek modern metal or glass panels for a contrasting touch.

Injecting colour

Through the use of mixed materials in your kitchen, you can also inject colour to reflect your personal style. Solid blocks of colour make a bold statement, while patterns add visual texture. Your kitchen is full of surfaces that can lend themselves to a mix of both colour and materials. A common way to achieve this is by pairing a rustic neutral wooden benchtop with a brightly coloured tile splashback.

Mixing metals

The use of mixed metals is a popular trend for a modern, unique kitchen. You can mix metals of different tones, such as with a combination of brass, copper, gold, rose gold and silver. Metals can also be effectively mixed with a variety of textures, like with a combination of solid metal and mesh.

In terms of the spaces where you can incorporate mixed metals, the opportunities are endless. You can commit to the mixed metal look with fixtures such as your kitchen lights or the range hood, or if you want something less permanent you can incorporate statement metallic cookware and appliances to give the countertop a stylish and modern aesthetic.

If in doubt, play it safe

If you like the idea of a mixed materials kitchen but aren’t totally confident in executing it, play it safe by starting out with simple, low-stakes combinations of different materials. You can do this effectively and affordably by changing fixtures like lighting, tapware and appliances. For lighting, try pendant lights with various finishes, industrial-style fixtures or chandeliers with crystal accents. Tapware and appliances lend themselves really well to a mix of metallic colours which deliver plenty of character.

Source your mixed materials kitchen from Kit Kitchens

At Kit Kitchens, we will work with you to provide a customised kitchen that suits your lifestyle, space and aesthetics. However you choose to mix materials in your kitchen, we can help you get the mix just right for a truly unique kitchen.

Our custom kitchens are made with high-quality materials, yet offer you flexibility and choice in the types of materials you select. We can advise you on getting the best bang for your buck.

For more information on how to create a mixed materials kitchen, contact us today.

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