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Kitchen trends for 2024

There’s nothing like the beginning of a new year to examine your kitchen space and consider how you can enhance and improve it. As we enter 2024, the kitchen continues to evolve with a unique combination of technology, aesthetics and sustainability to create the ultimate multi-functional space. In this blog, we’ll explore the top kitchen trends for 2024 and share our kitchen design ideas on how you can ensure you stay on trend in the heart of the home.

Smart technology

Smart technology is transforming our lives in so many ways, and the kitchen is no exception. Smart devices and artificial intelligence (AI) are more affordable and accessible than ever, and it only makes sense to integrate these into the kitchen to make food planning and preparation easier and more efficient. Additionally, the incorporation of smart appliances in the kitchen can help significantly reduce energy and water consumption, meaning a more eco-friendly kitchen and lower water and electricity bills.

Who would have thought a refrigerator could suggest recipes based on the ingredients inside, or that an oven could be controlled remotely via a smartphone? The future is well and truly here, so embrace it!

Mixed materials

A striking kitchen trend for 2024 is the use of mixed materials to create visually captivating spaces. It isn’t necessarily easy to pull off, but the results are incredibly effective. You can inject more fun into your kitchen by playing with a variety of eye-catching surfaces and textures. Material combinations to look out for include marble and butcher block, concrete and wood, or metal and glass. When executed right, the use of mixed materials in the kitchen ensures your interior is interesting without being overwhelming or over-the-top.


The kitchen isn’t just a space for eating and drinking – it’s also used for socialising, working, studying and more. These multi-functional hubs need multi-functional design and facilities. We expect to see an uptake in kitchen islands, fold-down dining tables, and kitchen carts and trolleys – all of which are highly practical kitchen design ideas. These additions are versatile and ideal for those with limited space.

Minimalistic designs

Simple and minimalistic designs will remain at the core of kitchen design in 2024. Minimalistic kitchens are all about smart storage, uncluttered benchtops, limited yet high-quality essentials and neutral colours. The minimalistic look not only creates a more clean and aesthetic space, but it also makes the kitchen more functional and easier to maintain.

Natural light

The kitchen of 2024 will continue to use maximum natural light. While it can be difficult to increase natural light in your kitchen depending on where in the home the kitchen is located and the direction your kitchen faces, there are some clever kitchen design ideas to flooding your kitchen with natural light. Large windows, skylights and glass doors can help make the kitchen feel bigger, brighter and more vibrant. 


Sustainability and environmental consciousness continues to gain importance across all areas of life, including the kitchen. There is a growing trend for kitchen renovations and designs to incorporate materials that have minimal impact on the environment, such as salvaged wood, steel and recycled glass. Energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures are becoming more of a need than a want. Additionally, composting solutions will continue to be integrated into kitchen spaces.

Get your dream kitchen this year with Kit Kitchens

This year’s kitchen trends showcase an exciting blend of technology, aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. Whether you’re building a new home, planning a kitchen renovation or just a new year kitchen makeover, one or a combination of these trends can be incorporated into your home to give it a whole new and on-trend look.

At Kit Kitchens, we have a huge variety of kitchen design solutions for all visions and budgets. For more kitchen design ideas and to get your dream kitchen this year, contact the experts at Kit Kitchens.

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