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The ‘kitchen office’ hybrid space

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Working from home has never been easier or more accessible, and the trend is spreading across workplaces. Not everyone has the space for a dedicated office, and some would prefer to keep their work right in the heart of their home. That’s what makes a kitchen office such a great solution. Utilise the space you have with a well-designed multipurpose room that has loads of benefits (including great access to the coffee!).

Here are our tips on how to design the perfect kitchen office.

Advantages of a kitchen office

Working from home can be convenient and advantageous in so many ways, but after a while it can be a struggle to stay creative and motivated. You don’t need to tuck yourself away in the spare room, or leave the house to get your work done. Locating your workspace in the hub of your home gives you more flexibility in engaging surroundings. You will need to mindfully create a space that minimises distractions, but there are obvious advantages to having a multi-purpose room.

Not every home can spare a room to be used as an office, but luckily your kitchen has so many features that you need in a workspace that are all ready to be utilised. Even if you have the a spare room, it’s not always ideal. Being secluded in a faraway place cuts you off from the rest of the house. A kitchen office lets you keep an eye on the kids while you work, or supervise homework while you cook. A designated workspace with comfortable seating (and a good pair of headphones if you need them) are all you need to stay focused and efficient while enjoying your convenient and accessible location.

One Hybrid Space

Go beyond clearing a bit of the bench and pulling up a bar stool. The perfect kitchen office is a hybrid – a working and living space at the same time. Instead of having to transition between the two spaces at the end of the work day, design your kitchen office to work in both ways at the same time. You can achieve this by utilising multi-purpose benches, chairs, storage and shelving – there are so many crossovers between the two functions.

Get Comfortable

Whether your kitchen workspace is a separate desk, a nook in the kitchen corner, a low shelf by the window, or an end of the bench – you’ll need to be comfortable to support long-term use of the kitchen as a multi-purpose office space. Choose a chair that is the right height and offers good support for your back so you don’t end up feeling those long work hours, and ensure your desk space is at the right height.

You’ll need everything easily within reach. Utilise shelving and storage for your office supplies that blends in to your kitchen. You could make use of pre-existing fixtures such as a drawer or convenient cupboard, or opt for freestanding shelves or a trolley that can be tucked away.

Maximise space

If you have an underutilised wall, a corner that could fit a small desk, or a bench with space to spare – you can have a kitchen office! There are so many creative options to give you more space to work with. Collapsible desks, kitchen islands, thin buffet tables can improve your kitchen and provide effective workspaces. If you’re keen to try a popular health trend, why not consider a stand-up desk? Because your kitchen office is multipurpose, you now have extra surface area to pack lunches, and a comfortable place to sit when you prepare food. It’s win-win!

Practical considerations

While most features of a kitchen office blend seamlessly to provide a multipurpose room, there are some practical considerations to help keep the work side safe and convenient. One aspect of the kitchen does not mix well with the electronics and papers – water. Position any electronics well out of the way of the sink, and make sure you don’t have important papers or devices anywhere near unsafe zones. That includes trip hazards, as you don’t want to be stepping over cords while preparing food.

If your kitchen doesn’t provide the right kind of light, a desk lamp or other lighting installation will help keep you alert and focused. If you can get near some natural light coming through a window, that’s great as well!

You will need to stay on top of clutter, both from kitchen duties and your office work. It can be avoided by using clever storage solutions and a designated place for all of the things you need through the day. Use screens to minimise visual distractions from both your kitchen and your office – while your room is multifunctional, it’s a good idea to have work out of sight and out of mind while you are using the kitchen, and vice versa.

Creating a Kitchen Office

A kitchen office is a practical, multi-functional space that allows you to have the best of both worlds. Increase the functionality of your kitchen and stay in the heart of your home while you work. While almost any kitchen can be modified to host a workspace, for long hours and frequent use you’ll need to opt for permanent features.

Kit Kitchens give you the ability to create a kitchen that meets your needs. Customise your kitchen and opt for a tailor-made design that reflects how you use the room. Our experts are on hand to advise, design, and create your kitchen.

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