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Modern Kitchen Trends for 2023

Modern kitchen trends are all about creating breathtaking spaces that personalise the heart of your home. Bring in the new year with a trendy, up-to-date kitchen! There are bold new styles making their way to the forefront of kitchen design. Keep your eye out for these latest modern kitchen trends – here are some of our favourites! 

1. Bold colours

The universal all- white kitchen is on the way out. Colour is the new focus, celebrating your personal style with bold, bright choices that give your kitchen character. Cabinets, walls, and splashboards are the perfect place to make a statement. Check out our blog on colourful kitchens for some ideas on how to bring colour into your space. 

If you prefer a neutral palette, you can ditch the white but still keep things looking calm and clean. The emerging trends focus on neutral colours – think taupes, cream, wood tones, latte, vanilla, or sand. There are plenty of exciting ways to stay classically minimalist but keep up to date. You can use accent pieces to bring in colour, like kitchen accessories or fittings that add the desired eye-catching hues. 


2. Textures

Another fun way to brighten your kitchen, texture adds visual appeal and makes your kitchen look more modern. You might choose to add unexpected curves to break up the straight lines, choose interesting fittings, or use a textured tile. Consider using textured surfaces like weaves and mesh in place of traditional flat panels. 

Accessories are another way to bring in the textured look. It could be as simple as updating the fabrics around your kitchen, using hand towels, curtains, or runners with a different surface or appearance. Kitchen caddies, shelves, and wall hangings are also a practical way to add texture. 


3. Natural materials

Natural materials are fantastic and coming to the forefront of design once again. Kitchen designers are using different natural fibres, colours, and textures to create that eco-friendly visual appeal. Try celebrating different wood grains in cupboards and benches – there’s a shade for everyone’s taste. 

For less permanent design ideas that are still on trend, bring in woven hemp baskets and handmade artisan materials to add interest. Dried flowers or fresh produce, clay, and wood products add little pops of natural style. 


4. Mixed metals

The stainless steel kitchen has had its day – but it’s not quite over yet! Modern kitchen trends take it a step further, by mixing metals of different tones. Brass and copper shades, both brushed and shiny, are very on trend. Add gold, rose gold, and those silvery highlights for a sleek finish. You could opt for solid metal, but combine texture and tone with mesh fronts to add something special. 

There are plenty of places begging for a metallic upgrade. Your lights are a perfect place to start, and the fittings around the kitchen can be used to highlight the different metals. Think about your range hood and curtain rods for another chance to feature these fantastic tones. For more removeable options, look into statement cookware and appliances.  


5. Statement lighting

Lighting is always an important feature that sets the tone of a room. Modern kitchen trends are seeing an increase in statement lighting that has real visual impact. Combine textures, metallic finishes, and interesting shapes in one statement piece that literally lights up the room. Try layered lighting that plays with different heights and widths, and artistic fittings to make the most of the trend. 


6. Clever storage

Finding places to put things is a practical necessity in a kitchen, but modern kitchen trends are seeing new ideas about functional storage that has a big impact on the whole room. One is clever hidden storage, with shelves and cupboards thoughtfully concealed behind panels and doors.  

Or turn your storage into a feature! Find interesting shelves, woven baskets, metallic pot racks – it’s time to focus on beautiful statement pieces that serve a practical purpose in your kitchen 


7. Outdoor Kitchens

The pandemic meant many people spent extra time at home, which has led to an emphasis on making the most of your space. Modern designers started to place extra importance on creating outdoor spaces that are a functional way to get outside, without leaving the house! 

An outdoor kitchen is an increasing trend that makes the most of what your home has to offer. Whether you’re entertaining or just having a family meal, an outdoor kitchen is a chic and trendy option. For a simple way to utilise your outdoor space, a BBQ grill with outdoor furniture that embraces trendy design makes the most of delicious meals and great company outside. If you’re looking to invest in a dedicated space, consider a full sink and bench, a fire pit, and perhaps a pizza oven to create a modern outdoor kitchen. 


8. Smart Technology

We are beginning to see a rise in smart technology in every area, and your kitchen is no exception. While some smart appliances have been around for a long time, modern kitchen trends place even more emphasis on embracing innovative ideas. They’re not just easier and more efficient – smart devices can help you save on time and energy, cutting your power and water bills.  

New products available include smart fridges and microwaves, voice-activated appliances, and even smart touchless taps that help you control water usage. Connect your appliances to your smartphone and you can have coffee on demand, bread baking away, and all the convenience of modern life – with the comfort of knowing your appliances are more eco-friendly and easier on your wallet in the long run. 

Modern Kitchen Trends for 2023

As always, the best kitchen is one you love! While it’s great to keep up on trends, ultimately you should plan your space to reflect your home and personal style. There are many ways you can embrace these trends and implement them in your kitchen. 

We’re the kitchen experts, with a range of ways we can incorporate your ideas in a way that fits your space and budget. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen in 2023, get in touch and we can help you find modern, attractive options that work perfectly with your home.  

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