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Outdoor Kitchens in Australia

Outdoor Kitchens in Australia

Cooking outdoors is a part of Aussie culture. With an excellent outdoor kitchen, you can get outside and celebrate glorious weather, great food, and good company. The perfect outdoor kitchen will increase the value, area, and liveability of your home, allowing you to create amazing meals and enjoy the best of what Australia has to offer.

Here are our top tips for planning your outdoor kitchen in Australia.

An Outdoor kitchen to fit your life.

Are you an entertainer? A gourmet chef? Do you prefer intimate meals with family? It all needs to come into consideration, because it will dictate the type of functionality your space needs to have. Whether your priority is a comfortable seating area with a basic BBQ set-up or a full outdoor kitchen with all the trimmings, think about how you will use the area before you choose the accessories to make it possible.

Accessorise Your Space

How much cooking do you want to do? What kind? A good old Aussie barbie is a must have for most outdoor areas, but your options don’t stop there. Outdoor ovens, wood fires, rotisseries, smokers, wok burners and teppanyaki plates – you can spice up your menu and make the meal something special with the right additions. Will you utilise an outdoor fridge? How about a bar? Once you’ve established the kind of fixtures that you will need to bring your outdoor eating to the next level, you can plan where all those accessories and installations might all go.

Location, Location

If you’ve got a smaller outdoor area to work with, your choices will be more limited – but don’t let size stop you! A balcony is enough space for a cooking area if you plan it well. If your area is bigger, you might want to consider the flow between your indoor kitchen and the outdoors. Think about your proximity to electrical outlets, plumbing, and gas. Again, it doesn’t need to limit you – plenty of people opt for LPG gas bottles or wood fires, but locating your kitchen close to the mains supply is a more efficient option. If your outdoor kitchen isn’t close to your indoor one, plan to have everything you need within reach to minimise those trips indoors.

Prepare for the Weather

To get the most from your outdoor kitchen, make it useable in all weather. Plan for sun, wind, and rain – how will you keep your space usable year-round? Screens, overhead canopies, and portable cooking equipment can help keep you flexible and comfortable. Don’t forget a patio heater for those chilly nights! Also consider your lighting – twinkling fairy lights are beautiful for creating a magical atmosphere but they won’t be enough to see what you’re cooking.

Durability is an important consideration, with the potential for damp, heat, and cold to affect your outdoor kitchen. Keep maintenance low by choosing hard-wearing materials and using protective covers where possible. Appliances designed for indoor use won’t be suitable as a long-term outdoor option, and you’ll need to ensure your electrical items are rated for outdoor use. For any electrical or plumbing work, make sure you consult the professionals.

Plan it Out

Once you’ve decided on the functionality, location, and practical considerations, it’s time to plan your space. If you have designed your indoor and outdoor areas to merge like a single large area, use materials that reflect your interior design. If your outdoor area will be a retreat, you can create a space that is distinct and separate from your home.

Apply the same principles to your outdoor kitchen as you would indoors – plan for the position and proximity of cold areas, hot areas, and prep areas, along with the distance to your diners. Just like indoors, storage areas and benches for preparation are a must. In a small space it might be as simple as a trolley topped with a chopping board, while larger spaces could use custom built installations.

Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens in Australia

Have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams that is tailored to your lifestyle. At Kit Kitchens, we provide custom-built kitchens that are simple to install, so you can design your outdoor kitchen to perfectly fit your life and your needs. With high quality materials and experts on hand to offer advice on the best options for your outdoor kitchen, increase the value of your home and go on new culinary adventures with the perfect kitchen designed with you in mind.

Contact us today to start planning your outdoor kitchen, and take your cooking into the great outdoors! 

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