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Advantages of a custom kitchen

Advantages of a custom kitchen

Custom made just works better, and your home deserves the best.

You could browse off-the-shelf options and try to make one work for you, or create the perfect kitchen to suit your room and your lifestyle. The kitchen is one of the highest use areas of the house, so it just makes sense to have it exactly the way you want it. The advantages of a custom kitchen make it well worth the investment.

There are so many advantages to choosing a custom-made kitchen. As experienced designers and builders of custom kitchens, here are our top reasons to choose custom made.

Fit your space

Most kitchens seem to have those awkward nooks and crannies that you can’t do much with. A premade unit might fit into your kitchen, but it can be harder to avoid creating areas that aren’t practical. A custom kitchen allows you to utilise all of your available space. That means better functionality, better storage, less clutter, and all those tricky corners turned into advantageous zones that improve your kitchen.

Make your kitchen fit you, instead of the other way around. Designing a custom kitchen makes the most of the space that you have, and emphasises the way you use your kitchen. What appliances deserve bench space? How do you store spices and condiments? Do you prefer cupboards, drawers, or shelves? Our experienced kitchen designers can work with you to make sure every bit of space is considered and utilised in a way that will help you make the most of your kitchen.

Fit your Life

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to the kitchen. How do you use yours? You will have your own unique ratio of food preparation, cooking, and other tasks that take place in your kitchen. Kitchen offices are a modern trend that many work-from-home employees are embracing. Could your kitchen incorporate a work space? With a custom kitchen, you can plan your design around your own individual needs, instead of installing the best set of pre-made units and doing your best to work with them.

There are practical considerations as well. Choose the height of your cupboards and benches to save all that reaching and bending, and make them more accessible to all the members of your household. The length of your bench can be customised to increase your preparation zones, or to give you more room to move. With a custom designed kitchen, it’s all up to you!

Choose your materials

Premade kitchens have many options and materials available. However, instead of choosing the style and materials that match your home, you’re limited to browsing standard options and attempting to fit them to the décor and ideas you already have.

A custom kitchen gives you the creative freedom to choose designs and materials that suit you, and the best options to fit your lifestyle and budget. High use areas of your kitchen are worth protecting with premium materials, but you have the choice to be more economical in other areas. From structural materials to those little aesthetic touches, you can ensure every part of your kitchen is durable, functional, and attractive.

Design Elements

As a high-use room, you need to consider the function of your kitchen. However, a kitchen design can make or break the look of your house, so the aesthetics are just as important. Pre-made units can have some attractive design features, but you have to choose the design that will best complement your home, instead of creating a design that truly reflects your style.

Aesthetic choices are much easier with a custom kitchen. Choose every aspect of your kitchen design, and your kitchen can reflect your personal taste, instead of a standard unit that has been manufactured to appeal to a majority. It’s more than just colours and fittings – the layout, finishes, materials, and hardware can all be chosen by you to create a kitchen you can be proud of.

The Best for your Budget

Our custom kitchens are always made with high quality materials, but you have flexibility and choice in the types of materials you select. We can advise you on getting the best bang for your buck, considering how you use your kitchen and your goals. Pre-fabricated kitchens don’t offer the same freedom to spend on the areas that are important while choosing a less expensive option for areas that won’t get as much use.

Our kitchens are built to last with sturdy, quality materials that will reward you over time. Get only what you need, spend where it matters, and save everywhere else. Our team of experts can help you to make budget-conscious decisions without compromising on the quality and design of your custom kitchen.

Custom Kitchen

Don’t compromise, or settle for the lowest denominator as you balance all the considerations of your ideal kitchen. Build to fit your space, and personalise all the features. Customised kitchens last longer and are easier to work with, giving you value for money and a better quality of life.  

Our custom kitchen experts are on hand to help advise and create a kitchen that meets your needs. Don’t settle for a stock-standard kitchen that you have to work around – we work with you to build your dream kitchen.

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