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Top Kitchen Styling Tips

Top Kitchen Styling Tips

Having a beautiful, functional kitchen installed is the first important step. What comes next is how you choose to style your space. While a kitchen should be beautiful and reflect your personal style throughout, it’s primarily a functional space. Good kitchen styling combines a personalised aesthetic that incorporates how you use your kitchen.

Here are our top kitchen styling tips that will help you combine form and function to make the most of your beautiful kitchen.

How Do You Style a Kitchen?

Before you begin, it’s a great idea to have your style preferences already figured out. Consider how your kitchen will fit in with the rest of the house, and what colour palettes you prefer. For some of the latest trends in kitchen design, head to our blog.

You will also need to think about how you use your kitchen. Elaborate vignettes on the bench can be beautiful, but if you tend to use a lot of bench space they may just get in the way. Stools might get in the way in a smaller space, but if you use your larger kitchen for study, you’ll need them.

Once you have a direction in mind, it’s time to choose the larger elements that form the basic shape of your kitchen. That’s where we can help. We have decades of experience designing kitchens that are affordable, high quality, and perfectly fit your space. We can help guide you on finishes, cupboards, and the major elements that will be the building blocks for your finished kitchen.

From there, you can begin to accent your kitchen with furniture, accessories, and the smaller details that bring your unique style to your space. Let’s look at some of those styling elements that can personalise and add character to your kitchen.

Utilise furniture

Not only functional, furniture and fittings are a fantastic place to begin to show your style. Invest in some artistic bar stools that suit your space, decorative shelving that is either fixed to the wall or standalone options that allow you to make the most of a blank wall.

One of the most important considerations is your lighting. Practically speaking, you’ll need a well-lit space to work in, but your options for setting the tone with lighting and light fittings are endless. Create soft warmth or a bright, well-lit kitchen that highlights your space. As a focus point for your kitchen, lighting is worth the investment.

Storage solutions

Storage isn’t just a practical consideration – use it to showcase your style! Shelves make great display areas, as well as holding practical items you’ll need on a daily basis. Install floating shelves, or get some standalone options to make the most of a blank wall. For your benches, you want to maximise the functionality without taking up too much space. Risers give you multi-level options for storage and display, while attractive utensil holders make a feature out of the cooking tools you use the most. For more clever storage options, check out our blog.

Natural Elements

Natural tones go with almost any décor style, providing contrast to stark modern minimalism or complementing a rustic vibe. You could bring in decorations such as cut flowers or pot plants, but with the theme of combining visual effects with functionality, consider practical additions that will lighten up your kitchen. Make a display of your brightly coloured fruit, veg, or nuts with attractive glass jars or bowls. Go the extra mile with an indoor herb garden – you can make it as small or large as you wish, with the added benefit of fresh herbs always to hand. For other natural tones, display your wooden or marble boards, or add woven baskets to your bench.

Bench Vignette

Making a bench vignette is a popular way to make your kitchen look like it belongs in a showroom. However, unless you have the space to spare, utilise practical items. Herbs, chopping boards, spices in attractive containers can all be used to create your vignette without wasting the benchtop. Here are some ideas {INSERT LINK} for vignettes you could adapt to suit your bench.

Make Use of Space

Above all your kitchen should be functional, so it’s helpful to focus on the spaces that won’t get in the way of your cooking. There is plenty of room for adding creative touches without having to overload your workspaces. Your walls are a great place to start. Installing shelves gives you extra space for storage and display. Artwork is also great for livening up the walls and showcasing your style.

Functional and display-worthy

Instead of finding spots to hide away all your kitchen accessories – display them! Appliances in the right tones can be fantastic for a splash of colour or to accentuate any metallic tones you’ve chosen throughout your kitchen. The same goes for utensils and cookware – some brands offer brightly coloured or shiny metallic cookware that look striking on display. Another popular decorative item that is usually stashed in a drawer is your cookbooks. Whether they have bright, modern photography or add a rustic touch, cookbooks are both attractive and practical as a display feature.

Fabric Finishes

Not only are they affordable, interchangeable, and useful, tea towels and other fabric accessories are great for styling your kitchen. Choose from colours, patterns, and fibres to either complement or provide contrast to your kitchen. In addition to tea towels, bench or table runners add a splash of colour, and pick printed pot holders to display. Rugs in the kitchen are becoming more popular, but ensure it won’t become a trip hazard by choosing a flat option and securing it to the floor.

Top Kitchen Styling Tips

With your perfect kitchen installed, the next step is to add some style. Match styling options to your current décor and ensuring that your decorations are practical (or at least, not taking up unnecessary space). Accessorising with smaller items means you can easily update the look and feel of your kitchen’s style.

Decorating is the fun part – let us handle the big stuff!  We create designer kitchens that are affordable and easy to install. One you’ve got your kitchen up and running, be creative with your styling and put the finishing touches on a kitchen that’s perfect for your home.

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