Investment Property Kitchen

Designing an Investment Property Kitchen Are you designing an investment property kitchen? It can be tricky to accommodate unknown future tenants, while choosing aspects like design, function, and durability. A quality kitchen is a fantastic selling point for your property, attracting a wider range of tenants and showing your home off to its best advantage. […]

Modern Kitchen Trends for 2023

Modern kitchen trends are all about creating breathtaking spaces that personalise the heart of your home. Bring in the new year with a trendy, up-to-date kitchen! There are bold new styles making their way to the forefront of kitchen design. Keep your eye out for these latest modern kitchen trends – here are some of […]

Creating Colourful Kitchens | Kit Kitchens

How to introduce colour into your kitchen Creating a Colourful Kitchen The kitchen is a place for creativity of all kinds, so you don’t need to be afraid to add a little colour. Choosing the right colours can have a big impact on the feel of your room and how it blends in with the […]

Kitchen Organisation Ideas

20 Top Tips for Maximising Your Kitchen Space If your kitchen is cluttered, it’s time for some new kitchen organisation ideas. Here at Kit Kitchens we’ve been designing and creating new kitchens for decades – so we understand it’s less about the space you have, and more about how you use it!  Here are some […]

Kids In The Kitchen

Childproofing the kitchen is essential when you have little hands around. The kitchen is a prevalent space with hard surfaces, harsh corners, and flammable opportunities – Like a magpie attracted to shiny objects, children always seem to be attracted to hazardous situations. So where do you begin? Here are five tips for designing a child […]

Myth Busters – The Triangle Kitchen Rule

Minimalistic Kitchen

The kitchen triangle rule is widely known across all fields of design. It has been the standard by which we measure practicality and smart design. Whether you stayed awake in your trigonometry class or not, you probably know the basics of the triangle rule.  The ‘Triangle rule’ connects your fridge, cooktop and sink into a….. […]

Professional Tips to Follow For a Kitchen Design in Brisbane

What are the things you need to think about in planning a Brisbane kitchen design? As a homeowner, you will think about the appliances or the color scheme. But if you’re a pro, you will consider the kitchen layout. In all of the rooms in a home, it is the layout that matters the most. […]

A New Look

It is the Best to have a New Look Kitchen Everyone considers the kitchen as among the central spaces in a home. For homeowners who are planning on selling their homes, or simply wanting to expand their home’s existing living space, kitchen renovation is one great investment strategy. Renovating the kitchen helps homeowners in many […]

The Beautiful Design Obsessing on Over All Kitchen Decor Related

To adds up in kitchen storage spots with decorative colors, finishes, and hardware. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something more modern, these kitchen cabinets design ideas go far beyond plain-old cupboards. This will serve as inspiration for you, so you’ll find what you’re looking for whether you’re finally ready to tackle that big […]

Deciding Whether You Want a Modern Style or A Traditional

The gold standard of a luxury home starts with great kitchen ideas design, function and aesthetic appeal just to realize the dream of a unique luxury kitchen. Making noticeably prominent of personal style while remaining true to the signature features of classy modern design. Taking the vision through experience and creativity fusing them together and […]

The Most Appealing Advantage When Buying Kitchen Materials

Choosing a self-assembling type of kitchen can deliver you a perfect combination of style, quality and affordability. A self-assembling type of kitchen is a ready-to-assemble kitchen and a great option for do-it-yourself property investors and homeowners. Today, most owners prefer the assembling type of kitchen for a good reason when choosing flat packs kitchens. Quality […]

Kitchen Renovation

Whatever homeowners choose for the style of a kitchen renovation, a carefully planned and well-executed kitchen renovation must reflect the personality, style, and design tastes of the homeowner and seamlessly blend with other rooms of their house. A well-thought-out kitchen renovation must enhance the natural interior beauty of any home and must not only improve […]